Being outside: 5 reasons to launch the project with the external R&D team

1. Money

  1. The task does not require rare competencies which are complicated to find on the market;
  2. The decision has to be prepared at short notice;
  3. The financial cost of the project is limited;
  4. Low risks in case of not getting the expected result.

2. High risks

  1. The direction of the project is new for the company;
  2. The members of the team can not be divided up among other units of the company if the project fails;
  3. High risks of phasing out perspectiveless areas in the company.

3. Recruitment

  1. You need to test new ideas and hypotheses using the absent in the company technologies;
  2. The lack of resources in staff training.

4. Technologies

  1. The presence of powerful and unique solutions inside an outsource team;
  2. The absence of your own infrastructure inevitable for R&D tasks solution.

5. Acquisition

  1. You need to create a new unit for the company’s R&D direction;
  2. There is a potential acquisition candidate.
  1. The money factor — launching the low-risked project in conditions of time and money lack.
  2. The high risks factor — starting a novel for the company direction with high risks.
  3. The recruitment factor — attracting new competencies in the existing direction.
  4. The technologies factor — the absence of the inevitable technologies in the company.
  5. The acquisition factor — testing the competencies of the potential candidate for acquiring.



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